What is AIM?

AIM stands for Accelerated Integrated Model and is used for second language learning. Histoire en action! is a new approach to second language learning. This core French program, is an arts based one as opposed to the usual thematic approach. Through storytelling and drama related activities, student learn to negotiate meaning in a variety of ways and to engage in authentic and practical conversation. Music is closely linked to the story, as each unit contains a dance and songs that are linguistically related.

The vocabulary that is presented has been carefully selected, beginning with high frequency words. It is acquired through a highly effective kinesthetic method called The Gesture Approach. The GA encourages students to respond and experience vocabulary and structures while kinesthetically, visually, physically and auditorially meeting the needs of all language learners and their learning styles. It also ensures equal development of all 4 language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Basically, Histoire en action! is designed to accelerate the acquisition of French as a second language for students with little or no fluency in the language.


Welcome to CCA French Classes! This website will be a source of information for you about what’s going on in French at CCA. The goal of this website is to facilitate communication with parents and give students more opportunity to work on French at home. The website has been divided up by class. Within each class you will find, monthly newsletters, vocabulary lists, homework notices and upcoming test dates, upcoming special event days.